About us

In 2010, Alcohol Near Me was developed as an online beer delivery marketing. We started as a one-page advertisement demonstrating Toronto’s availability for beer delivery. Think back to the early days of the internet:

  • Compaq introduced the Compaq Presario.
  • McAfee distributed the first antivirus program.
  • Microsoft unveiled the first Xbox.
  • Wikipedia was established.

We saw the internet’s potential quickly, and a complete shopping experience was accessible online within a year. In addition, the world’s first online beer delivery service was created in 2010!

Our goal has been to offer structure, power, a degree of trust, and a high level of service to a sector that has existed in the past but wasn’t always seen favorably. Although there are several Dial A Bottles in Ontario, all businesses use the name. Dial A Bottle has evolved to be a general term for the service, much as Kleenex has done for tissues. Chances are, if you dial ten Dial A Bottles phone numbers, you’ll get a different business each time.

Once we had a solid basis, we began to grow across the province.

We have worked with other businesses along the road to provide our consumers with the most excellent service and the best incentives.

Unlike our rivals, we don’t raise the cost of our items by 20 to 30 percent. The only price you’ll encounter from us is the shipping fee.

So pay attention and let us assist you with Thursday night’s party, supper, celebration, or COVID-19.

I’ll see you soon, cheers!